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New book!



I’ve been a little busy and distracted lately, but it’s because I was busy launching my new book!

The book contains poems I wrote over 16 years, about my experiences with unrequited love. It was a personal project and something I wanted to put together for a long time now. I had all these poems and songs sitting around with nowhere to go, until now. Some have been turned into songs so there are links in the book you can go to.

If the topic of love, relationships, lust, dating, and attraction are interesting to you, or you want to reconnect to a long forgotten place, feel free to check it out below. Hope you are well!

<3 Pia

to all the boys who broke my heart, and turned my feelings into art

Written over a 16-year period during adolescence into young adulthood, ‘to all the boys who broke my heart, and turned my feelings into art’ is a collection of poetry about the emotions that love and lust can stir within us as we navigate through first crushes and relationships while trying to figure out who we are.

This book is for anyone who has ever felt the cold rejection of caring for someone who doesn’t love them back. Let this book serve as a reminder to always love yourself first.

Buy this book here!

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